Welcome To Life Light Foundation

Life Light Foundation is dedicated to providing free healthcare therapies and solutions to children and underprivileged families across the country, and eventually throughout the world. Our ultimate goal is to recommend and deliver a comprehensive program of integrative and complementary therapies designed to help regulate, stimulate, harmonize and maintain a healthy and well balanced immune system. The body has the capacity to heal itself. For healthcare services to evolve, it is necessary to expand the existing field of medicine to include healing the ‘whole person’ – mind|body|spirit. In order to achieve our objectives effectively, it is essential for us to implement a well-informed health education program. Teaching the benefits of good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote good health. Prevention has been, and remains, the best remedy. Life Light Foundation is dedicated to delivering integrative patient-centered care, therapy and education to those in need who would otherwise be unable to afford such beneficial services. Every dollar donated to the Foundation goes to the therapy of a child or family member in need.

Health care is not a privilege- it's a right .

Jerad Sanders, Founder.