What We Do / Who We Help

familyThe Life Light Foundation provides integrative medicine therapies, throughLife Light Wellness Centers, to individuals who could not otherwise afford services. Life Light Wellness Centers are focusing on solutions derived from whole foods, natural products and frequency based therapies engineered to support the body’s natural healing ability.

Our staff attends conferences, develops networks of experts in a variety of fields, researches new frontiers in medicine and science, and travels as needed to investigate innovative and leading-edge complementary solutions. The Foundation strives to remain abreast of developments at academic institutions with integrative medicine programs.

Complementary medicine is used in addition to conventional medical therapies and therapies, not as a replacement to mainstream medical care. One example is the use of acupuncture to help with side effects of cancer treatment.

The following therapies are some of the core services offeredc by the LifeLight Wellness Center and paid for by the Life Light Foundation for families and children in need.

Light Frequency Therapy

Light Frequency Therapy uses specific light and sound frequencies to vibrate specific antigens, thereby making them recognizable to our body. Our body then has a chance to destroy the disease and keep itself healthy.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Therapy

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Therapy acts to excite the frequencies of biological molecules to promote positive cellular activities. EMF therapy re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electromagnetic frequencies within cells that restore them to their normal, healthy state. Frequency technology has shown remarkable progress in aiding the fight against diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis, along with many others.

Bioacoustic Biology

Bioacoustic Biology is the field of research involving the use of acoustic-wave, frequency-based biomarkers and the effects different frequencies have on the body. Bioacoustics is a sound-based approach used to identify frequencies specific to each person that are then used to support the optimal form and function of the body. Bio Acoustics has shown promise in rebuilding atrophied muscles, restoring macular degeneration sight, reverse chronic lung disease, regulate heart disorders, as well as in dealing with a variety of sports injuries.

Many people benefit greatly from integrative medicine as a complement to the care they are already receiving to treat chronic illnesses and diseases. Integrative medicine may help to reduce the severity or frequency of disease episodes, decrease stress related to chronic disease, and provide a better quality of life.

Improving access to care is a prominent focus of The Life Light Foundation. We work hard to break down barriers created by costs, culture, geography, system structure, and differing notions about who and what should be covered by insurance.

Integrative health care services have become popular in the United States. By 2013, almost 50% of Americans were using some form of complementary or alternative medicine, and annual spending on complementary or alternative therapies in the US reached $34 Billion.


Integrative & Complementary Therapies

orchidMany complementary health services/products fall into one of two main groups – natural products or mind and body practices.

Mind and body

Examples include: yoga, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, hypnosis, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, qigong, polarity therapy, reiki, healing touch, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques, biofield therapies, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional healers, traditional Chinese medicine, and movement therapies such as Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, Pilates, Rolfing Structural Integration, and Trager psychophysical integration.

Natural products

Examples include: herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Additional categories

Whole medical systems, manipulative and body-based practices, energy medicine, biologically based practices